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The world’s most innovative greenhouses

The type of greenhouse you choose directly affects your yield. With KVR, you can count on reliable, objective advice while making allowances for climate and production. KVR supplies and builds the well-known Venlo greenhouse, an all-around greenhouse for any kind of cultivation. KVR’s Venlo greenhouses are extremely advanced and completely manufactured in the Netherlands. Besides offering an unparalleled incidence of light, they are durable and perfectly suited to any type of installation and/or climate.

How about the revolutionary Ultra-Clima?

The next level in excellence is the Ultra-Clima® greenhouse concept, the world’s most sustainable greenhouse developed and produced by KUBO. With the Ultra-Clima® greenhouse you will enjoy higher production and a substantial reduction in energy and water consumption. There is also a better guarantee of food safety. The absence of ventilation windows increases the light level while reducing the chances of contagion or pests. Climate conditions are controllable to the point of perfection. Ultra-Clima®, the future of sustainable greenhouse production.